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Wer ist Tacet?

Kirche Tacet produces music of the very highest standard. But that certainly does not mean music for a small minority of classical music fans. On the contrary, the number of Tacet fans is growing all the time. Because they are rediscovering music itself - with all its fire and all its sensuous charm - and in its natural development.

What best aids a work of music? What is the best way of conveying it? How can one win people over to this or that music? First and foremost are the musicians themselves! Then comes the room where the recording is made. Finally the microphones - and the whole gamut of recording equipment. And not the other way round! That is why at Tacet the musicians have a say in the recording: what they themselves want, and what fits in with Tacet, is produced with the greatest loving care. The production is made for a growing market, but Tacet does not allow itself to be pushed around by market forces.

The decisions are made not by some far-off members of the board, but by the owner of Tacet himself, Andreas Spreer, musician and much-praised tonmeister. Tacet - that is audiophile quality products, which receive glowing reviews in the music press, on radio and in the newspapers.

Tacet was founded in 1989. This little company is based in Bad Cannstatt in Stuttgart, close to the famous Kurpark. Right from the beginning Tacet trod new ground, following two paths simultaneously: the musical and the technical.

The musicians do not only play structurally clear music but also love emotional interpretations - as one recalls them from the great musicians of the past: for many listeners today that is a completely new and impressive experience. It is refreshingly stimulating to listen to a Tacet production. The Tacet sound is something quite special: it is audiophile and does not kill the music. That is why many musicians see Tacet as "their" label. Tacet is kind both to the music and the musicians! And is therefore of course listener-friendly.

The recording policy is always to find the most natural result. Surprisingly, this is often achieved with a minimum of technical effort and equipment, but with the maximum of thought, care and planning - and using the very best equipment available.

Unconventional ways of thinking and enormous skill produce sounds and musical results which are not only astonishing but also totally convincing. Tacet campaigns for quality. And Tacet stands for unusual artistic ideas, truly outstanding musical personalities and audiophile sounds. Tacet is successful and is now available all over the world.

Ulrich Oesterle