Out of curiosity I purchased "The Tube Only Night Music" album and to my delight enjoyed not only one of the best engineered pieces of vinyl I have ever come across, but one of the most spirited and "natural" renditions of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik I have ever heard (...).
TACET seems to go out of its way to produce recordings of amazing detail, not only for vinophiles but also lovers of SACD, DVD-Audio and of course CD. They also have albums that were recorded using and array of different microphones (I think they're a little obsessed - thank goodness!) (...)
If you close your eyes you'd swear you were right there as the orchestra plays - absolutely amazing! (...)
You should at least try to audition an album from TACET, you may end up being as pleasantly surprised as I was.
My Rating: Absolutely Outstanding!

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