"In the early 19th century it was thought that the Bach Motets were all a capella works, but today’s musicology has found that Bach’s own notes point to “the sung parts being enriched by all types of instruments.” Four of these Motets use a nine-piece ensemble plus pipe organ and the motet Jesu, meine Freude uses a cello and double bass together with organ. The works were an antiquated form even in Bach’s time and are a sort of window into the polyphony of past centuries. On the four motets with several instruments, they are placed directly in front with the organ at the center channel. The choir consists of just two quartets of soprano/alto/tenor/bass - one placed in a line on the left and the other on the right side - the sopranos at the far rear and the basses up near the stringed instruments on the left and near the wind instruments on the right side. This unusual placement draws in the listener much more effectively than the mostly-frontal approach. I usually find such choral works low on my interest scale, but in this case I situated myself and listened really closely, enjoying the intricate play of voices and instruments that were so cleanly placed in space around me."
John Sunier

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