"... Like other distinguished Bach pianists past and present, Koroliov proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this music is not merely plausible on the concert grand, but benefits from the instrument′s capacity for varied colours, dynamics and articulations. - Indeed, this set′s most striking quality lies in the way Koroliov makes each prelude and fugue so unapologetically pianistic, while largely avoiding stylistic incongruities. His tone may lack Sviatoslav Richter′s extraordinary prismatic sheen, yet it is firmly centred from top to bottom. - Moreover, Koroliov eschews Richter′s liberal use uf the sustaining pedal and obtains nuanced continuity in, say, the opening four preludes by fingerwork and hand balance alone. While he is not as adventurous as András Schiff or Sergei Schepkin in his ornamentation, his vibrancy taps into a dimension beyond Glenn Gould′s X-ray deconstructions or Rosalyn Tureck′s overtly worked-out voice leadings...
TACET′s excellent engineering draws you into Koroliov′s formidable artistry..."
Jed Distler

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