"With some other chamber-music discs reviewed in Fanfare 22:6, the German label Tacet drew some warm recommendation from my colleague James H. North for its recorded sound. A similar enthusiasm is certainly called for here: One of the first things that struck me about this pair of releases is the exemplary warmth, clarity, colour, and balance achieved ... by producers Andreas Spreer and Peter Laenger.
Striking another way is the curious fact that these recordings have apparently had to wait roughly a decade to be issued. At least, having been taped in 1989 and 1990, they appear now labeled with a 1999 p date, and I can find no trace of any earlier release. What makes this incomprehensible is the outstanding quality of the performances. They could easily have earned an emphatic recommendation at any intervening time, and, even now, after the appearance of the Florestan Trio′s superb set on Hyperion..., they are good enough to complicate the matter of choice substantially..."
Bernard Jacobson

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