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Schubert’s Ninth has long been surrounded by conductors with a more or less pronounced air of mysticism. Published posthumously, the work with its ‘heavenly lengths’ was treated with appropriate respect, with much lyricism and dignified grandeur. For some years now one has been hearing much fresher and, above all, faster performances, as in this new version by Andras Keller, who completely dusts off the symphony.

With bristling brass, agilely bright string sound and lively wood, he achieves exciting dynamics without ever letting the music become merely nervous. Keller is able to convincingly express the predominantly joyful character of this symphony with much enthusiasm. I very much like the sad and wistful mood in the first movement after the great breakdown followed by a grand pause. The virtuoso finale is also splendid, completely without evoking heavenly lengths, but with a brio and a play of colors that inspire.

The transparency of the orchestral sound in the Real Surround sound is another very positive feature of this new Tacet recording.

Remy Franck

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