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Download TACET 154

Excerpts from TACET154, More power and ideas for your surround system!
Sound effects! Music! Adjustment tips!
TACET Real Surround Sound / Moving Real Surround Sound
Barcode: 4009850015468

pdf  booklet TACET154

Audio format

24 Bit 96 kHz High Definition Audio as interleaved 5.1 Surround Sound files.

All channels have been multiplexed to one file in accordance with the Microsoft’s standard as defined here

Corresponding to this standard, order of channels is as follows:
Front Left
Front Right
Front Center
Low Frequency
Back Left
Back Right

Music in TACET Real Surround Sound

Test Singals

Are all the speakers connected to the correct amplifier output? Does the correct signal come from each speaker? Most importantly, does the correct signal come from the correct speaker only and not from any of the others? Read the comments on tracks 18 - 23 in the PDF.

If there is a subwoofer in the system, is the correct signal coming from the subwoofer? Does it only come from the subwoofer and not (incorrectly) from the satellite speakers as well? If there is no subwoofer, are the bass frequencies transmitted properly or do they just disappear? See tracks 24 - 29 in the PDF.

Setting the time delay between the channels. See tracks 30 - 33 in the PDF.

Are all the speakers connected in phase? Is the volume the same across all the speakers? See tracks 35 - 38, in the PDF. 34 and 39 may also be of interest.