"It′s astonishing how rarely Chopin′s G major Trio - his only extended work for chamber ensembles - has made it on to disc, given its nobility and Romantic urgency. The extensive opening Allegro is of concerto-like fervour, though Chopin carefully allocates all three instruments an equal role. The more I hear this disc, the more I like it. By and large the strings subordinate their own personality, though this can suddenly break out - both violin and cello excel in the leisurely, Brahmsian opening to the Andantino of Gade′s F major trio, for instance. The Abegg′s audible seriousness as musicians - nothing is simply played for effect - does justice, with integrity, to the full-bodied stature of these trios. Tacet′s slightly boxed sound lends the keyboard a rather fortepiano-like sound which helps the balances.
Chopin′s Scherzo could be lighter and more cheerful - though the players′ restraint spares it salon-like triviality - and their earnest tone well serves the Adagio, full of yearning. Gade′s F major Trio is a fine, strong work, with a lovely Andantino, giving ample opportunities for the two string players - Ulrich Beetz, playing a 1741 Guaneri and Birgit Erichson, on a warm-toned Gofriller cello of 1721 - to shine. They do so even more in the enchanting Noveletten, a set of pieces in contrasting moods: a perky Scherzando; cello attracztively shadowing violin in the larghetto; appealing pizzicato strumming in the finale; and some bewitching misteriose touches beautifully managed by both strings in the central Moderato."
Roderic Dunnett

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