(...) The Auryn Quartet continues their fine traversal of the complete Haydn string quartets on this superb DVD-Audio disc. Their playing features an elegance of expression and an emotional depth that is always right for this music. They are equally adept at moments of tender lyricism as they are with Haydn's many expressions of rough, rollicking country humor. Such a broad musical palette is a pleasure to listen to and a source of much of what has made this such a successful series.
The Tacet engineers have provided what the label refers to as "Real Surround Sound." The listener is placed at the center of a circle of life-like sound that quite closely mimics a live performance. The strings have a lustrous bloom that heightens the music's presence and warmth. Their sound is gentle on the ears while providing a richness and depth that lends real solidity to the performance. With a good surround sound system you will close your eyes and imagine yourself seated in the midst of the performers at a live concert. This is a splendid sonic experience.
Mike Birman

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