(…) I am 75 and was first introduced to Beethoven’s Eroica No.3 when I was 14 years old. I fell in love with that symphony, especially the string sections in the second movement. Over the years I have collected a number of sets of the complete 9 Symphonies of Beethoven. I love surround sound and especially the stuff with a “stage” point of view. Mark Waldrep of AIX Records has done some marvelous work with stage point of view recordings as well. So I have always been on the search for superlative Beethoven recordings by various artists.

I want to tell you that yesterday I finally got to sit down to audition the PSO’s BD version of the Eroica recorded by the Tacet team. Wow! It was incredible! I truly love the feeling of being surrounded by the instrumentalists just like the orchestra conductor is. I heard the parts of every instrument spread across the wonderful recording space. It was thrilling to hear instrumental parts in musical dialog with each other. It is so different from the singular “wall of music” that stereo presents. You, the musicians, conductor and recording team are all to be commended for this magnificent reading of Beethoven’s symphony. I fancied myself as Beethoven in person standing there with all this wonderful musical talent surrounding me with music.

Thanks Andreas. This is a truly milestone recording. Congratulations!

Can’t wait to hear what your next project is going to be all about.

Jack Gammer, Canada

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