The Auryn Quartet’s Haydn String Quartets, Volume 8, now appears in glorious surround sound.
This is Tacet’s DVD-A version of Haydn’s String Quartets Vol. 8, first released on CD in 2009. The gimmick here, as with all releases in Tacet’s line of Real Surround Sound DVDs, is to place the listener in the midst of the ensemble performing. [One quartet member at each speaker of a 4.0 channel display…Ed.] Sure, it’s not exactly the way you’d hear a string quartet in recital, but the surround-sound experience, executed as well as the Tacet engineers do, brings ist own special rewards.
As always, the superb musicianship of these players is a joy to hear, and the performances are just as fine as the others I’ve savored in this Haydn Quartet series, which has to be considered a first choice. And as is almost always the case, the recorded sound from Kirche Honrath is resonant but wonderfully rich and clear.
Lee Passarella

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