"The classical guitar may lack those vocal-like qualities of a violin or the wide ranging statements available to the piano but in the right context and with sympathetic transcriptions it can attractively tease and tug at our emotions. Duo Favori (Barbara Graesle and Frank Armbruster) doubles those languid, enchanting and resonant effects in these carefully chosen arrangements tailored for two guitars. Spanish compositions throughout, that cultural synthesis of Christian and Moorish society, offer an intriguing pictoral and atmospheric blend of mysteriousness and magnificence. Diverse traditions that are embedded deep within the Albeniz Cordoba and his idyllic swaying melody for Mallorca Barcarola , then surface through sonorous harmonic effects. Archetypal and spectacularly varied impressionistic sun drenched landscapes are also crafted for his Suite Espana. Elsewhere, in the Granados Valses Poeticos, our senses are beguiled by a subtle idiomatic feel. Those essentially romantic motifs are discretely communicated to us through clean and polished musicianship rather than extravagant gestures. The Lopez-Chavarri Leyenda del Castillo moro is an academic inclusion - one that is more representative of the late Nineteenth or early Twentieth Century style of guitar playing.."

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