"(...) Tacet (...) releases audiophile quality music on both high-resolution DVD-Audio and CD digital formats. Their new release, features Mozart′s Flute Quartets that are both musically beautiful and challenging to play. This recording was made at a remote monastery in the Austrian mountains. To quote Tacet "The musicians do not only play structurally clear music but also love emotional interpretations - as one recalls them from the great musicians of the past: for many listeners today that is a completely new and impressive experience. It is refreshingly stimulating to listen to a Tacet production. The Tacet sound is something quite special: it is audiophile and does not kill the music. That is why many musicians see Tacet as "their" label. Tacet is kind both to the music and the musicians! And is therefore of course listener-friendly." Catalog number D107 is the Mozart Flutequartets/Gaede Trio while T107 is the CD equivalent."

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