(...) This splendid multichannel DVD-Audio recording by the Polish Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra under Wojciech Rajski features playing of expressive urgency and interpretive depth that rivals one of the major orchestras. Although they perform on modern instruments their playing features a transparency and lightness that one usually associates with a period instruments orchestra. Tempos are brisk, vibrato is minimized and emotions are appropriate without overindulgence. These are exciting performances in what promises to be a fine series of Beethoven Symphonies recorded in excellent multichannel high resolution audio.

Tacet's engineers have created a superb and lifelike soundstage whose immediacy and presence highlights all of the power and sonic beauty of these two symphonies. Using Tacet's "Real Surround Sound" the music comes from all around you as you are placed into the very center of the orchestra. With horns coming from in front of you and trumpets from behind, loud passages have a visceral impact that kicks the excitement level up a notch. It’s a thrilling experience that perfectly matches Beethoven's robust musical style.
Mike Birman

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