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Tacet is a remarkable company! Their concept of surround sound really is surround, an approach I heartily endorse. This site has viewed many of their recordings, in particular the Beethoven symphonies (only No. 9 is yet to be released), with the highest praise. Their sound is natural and imaginative, instruments heard from all corners of the listening area, the listener right in the middle. It is a glorious listening experience, and on this new disk you have an opportunity to sample their imaginative approach to recording. We have orchestral and chamber music of Beethoven, piano music of Ravel and Mussorgsky, orchestral and choral music of Bach, and chamber music of Schubert. For each track there is a diagram showing placement of instruments. And there are many tracks of non-musical audio to display true surround sound including a Check his out—for audiophiles it is a remarkable experience!

Robert Benson

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