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The Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra receives its musical direction in this recording from Ariadne Daskalakis, a well-recognized Baroque violin specialist with an established concert career as both soloist and concertmaster. In piece after piece, the seamless ensemble work and spot-on pacing reflect the long association between many of the players and their familiarity and love for this music.

Tacet sound engineer Andreas Spreer surrounds the listener with the high strings to the right and left, a theorbo in the center, and the lower strings to the rear right and left channels. When they are needed, keyboards (organ or harpsichord) take the rear center position. There is a natural warmth to these instruments that is quite like that expected in live performance and while the two-channel version is quite beautiful, the "real surround" 5.1 version is much more engaging and highlights the various players perfectly.


This Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra recital provides brilliant examples of how this composer was able to highlight the soloists while never compromising the integrity of the ensemble. Beautifully performed and recorded, another highly recommended Blu-ray audio from the Tacet catalog.

Lawrence D. Devoe

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