Recording Service

Do you appreciate the sound quality of our CDs and desire a recording that is just as professional? Then you've come to the right place.

Our recordings are made in a concert hall or church with beautiful acoustics - not in a studio with a glass panel and a lot of colourful buttons. The equipment consists of the TACET's famous audiophile recording studio devices. These rare specialities include the many historical and modern tube microphones from our collection.


One generally reckons 3 to 4 days of recording for the playing time of a CD - 2 or 5 days in rare cases. Then there is the selection of the best "takes," editing and possibly more processing, usually between 15 and 25 hours. Alongside the costs for the recording itself, there are also the room, possibly heating, instruments and/or their tuning. In addition, we take over the pressing and the remaining production procedure if so desired.

If you are seriously interested, we'll be glad to send a price list or prepare an individual package deal. We look forward to hearing from you!

Photo: Andreas Spreer and Andreas Arndt during a recording session. Photo made by Marc Schleiss