The Best Kind of Attitude: TACET
Some while ago, perhaps a few months, I requested review CDs from TACET, a German label with which I’d little familiarity. Having listened several times over to Beethoven’s six Op.18 String Quartets (TACET 124) and Wilhelm Furtwängler’s Piano Quintet (TACET 119), as a music lover and audiophile (in close to equal measure), I’m here to shout “Eureka!” The Auryn String Quartet (Mathias Lingfelder, Jens Oppermann, violins; Stewart Eaton, viola; Andreas Arndt, cello) tend toward a Classical rather than Romantic sensibility. The later quartets have yet to be released. Whether the Auryn’s posture changes remains to be heard. With respect to Op.18’s half-dozen, the players operate as a coherent, elegantly articulating being, declining to milk the tender moments dry. Similarly, the sturm und drang passages are handled with a distancing poise that satisfies. Proportionality reigns. These are cool, beautiful performances (...)."
Mike Silverton

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