0210-1 LP-180g

Vinyl: Check

New signals and recordings to test and adjust Vinyl equipment

EAN/barcode: 4009850021018

This LP fits in seamlessly with an entire series of releases that have been issued by TACET over the years, including My Audiophile Companion (T51), The Audiophile Chamber of Horrors (T54), More power and ideas for your surround equipment (B154) usw.

All these CDs and DVDs give listeners the means to decide, with their own ears and usually without measurement devices, how well a system functions or sounds. This, now, is the expansion involving the gramophone record part of the system. We have thought up quite a large number of novel tones and signals in order to systematically test the quality of an LP system. Some of them enter into the border area of what vinyl technology is capable of achieving. The LP was created in cooperation with the Analogue Audio Association and with the help of Daniel Krieger of SST Schneidtechnik (SST Cutting Technology).


Werk - Satz
Composition - movement
Oeuvre - mouvement
1Part 1: Tracking abilityTeil 1: Abtastfähigkeit
2Part 2: Wow and flutterTeil 2: Gleichlauf
3Part 3: PhaseTeil 3: Phase
4Part 4: CrosstalkTeil 4: Übersprechen
5Part 5: Tracking angle errorTeil 5: Spurfehlerwinkel
6Part 6: SkatingTeil 6: Skating
7Part 7: Pick-up arm resonanceTeil 7: Tonarmresonanz
8Part 8: Strident sibilants and fricativesTeil 8: S-Laute
9Part 9: Frequency responseTeil 9: Frequenzgang
10Part 10: DynamicsTeil 10: Dynamik
11Part 8: Strident sibilants and fricatives, repetitionTeil 8: S-Laute, Wiederholung

durée totale: 35:44

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Mono and Stereo High-End Audio Magazine (01/03/2014):

--> original review

New Tacet 180 gram Vinyl Check just arrived. With signals and recordings to test and adjust turntable replay and offers a tracking ability, wow and flutter, phase, crosstalk, tracking angle error check up etc.

I tried it last night and went throughout both sides. en savoir +...

vinylkatalog.de (//):

Nachdem das Stuttgarter Label mit seinen von innen nach außen abzuspielenden LPs ein Grundprinzip der Schallplattentechnik erfolgreich auf den Kopf gestellt hat, präsentiert es nun eine eigene Test-LP zur Plattenspieler-Einstellung. en savoir +...