"Tacet is an imaginative, relatively new company not afraid to experiment. Their concept of Real Surround Sound offers you a 360 degree perspective in which the music is heard discretely from all speakers instead of the usual surround sound that places performers in front usually only with ambient sound coming from the rear. There is no question that the "standard" engineering approach to recording surround sound is quite natural and convincing. However, in these recordings of Prokofiev and Saint-Saëns we have various instruments coming from specific speakers—and sometimes moving about. I find it highly effective indeed. It′s rather like sitting right in the middle of the orchestra—and the players are sometimes moving! Both of these stories for children are narrated by Bradley Cole, telling the stories as an old owl, in a rather mod versions by Christoph Ullrich. The owl also does a great deal of moving about. There′s nothing to view on the monitor screen except at the beginning when the listener can select the presentation in English or German, with another option of listening only to the music."

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