0110-3 DVD-Audio

The Auryn Series Vol. VIII

Franz Schubert

String Quintet C major D 956
Auryn Quartet
Christian Poltéra, Violoncello
TACET Real Surround Sound

EAN/barcode: 4009850011033

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"The TACET label, famous for ist visionary, high-quality repertoire policy, uses new technology to search for new ways of using the auditorium for musical experiences. Andreas Spreer, owner and manager of the label Tonmeister of this recording, places the listener right in the middle of the musicians: opposite the viola, with the violins at front left and right and the two cellos behind his or her shoulders. This configuration is most definitely unusual and takes some getting used to; but what three-dimensionalness it gives to Schubert’s wonderful – and wonderfully played – String Quintet! The themes become tangible thanks to the masterful interpretation, the structure of the work is intuitively understandable, and the attribute “acoustically transparent” should really be redefined after this recording." (Kulturspiegel)"(…) Ever wondered what it was like to play in a chamber group such as this? Well, choose your instrument and sit close to that speaker. You’ll get a pretty good idea." (Audiophile Audition)


Werk - Satz
Composition - movement
Oeuvre - mouvement
1String Quintet in C major D 956 op. posth. 163Allegro ma non troppoFranz Schubert (1797 - 1828)
Auryn Quartet
2 AdagioFranz Schubert (1797 - 1828)
Auryn Quartet
3 Scherzo. Presto - Andante sostenutoFranz Schubert (1797 - 1828)
Auryn Quartet
4 AllegrettoFranz Schubert (1797 - 1828)
Auryn Quartet

total playing time: 52:53

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Bangkok Post realtime (07/15/2005):

A magical and eloquent performance
"There is plenty of great music waiting to be written in the key of C major, Schoenberg used to remind his students; but what are the chances of anything ever again being composed in that key to compare with Schubert′s string quintet, written in the year of his death at the age of 31? Like Mozart′s The Magic Flute it contains melodies that will charm casual listeners, seemingly simple tunes that become miraculously beautiful with further hearings, but also strange, often abrupt shifts in expressive tone that continue to tantalise those who have lived intimately with the music for decades.
There have been many recordings of the quintet covering a broad range of interpretive approaches. more...

klassik.com (09/07/2004):

--> Original-Artikel . more...

Audiophile Audition (11/01/2002):

"This glorious chamber work was composed in the last months of Schubert’s life. It is full of wonderful melodies as befits the creator of songs. The principle of contrasts is used in the quintet, vacillating between ecstatic happiness and the depths of desperation and grief. more...

Répertoire (01/01/2002):

"II est intéressant de passer tout de suite après un quintette vu par le labet Tacct: le D. 956 de Schubert. Là le parti pris, déjà défendu précédemment, est de faire du DVD-Audio multicanal un véritable véhicule pour des expérience sonores nouvelles. more...

KulturSPIEGEL (01/01/2002):

"Das für seine weitsichtige und anspruchsvolle Repertoirepotitik bekannte Label TACET sucht mit dem neuen Medium auch nach neuen Möglichkeiten, den Hörraum für das musikalische Erlebnis zu nutzen. more...

Stereoplay (01/01/2002):

"Das Auryn-Quartett hat sich inzwischen in die erste Reihe der internatoinalen Quartett-Ensembles hineingespielt. Für die Repertoirepolitik der großen Musikkonzerne ist es allerdings höchst bezeichnend, dass eine Formation von dieser Güte weder bei der DC noch bei EMI oder Philips Unterkunft fand, sondern ihre hervorragenden Schubert-, Schumann-, Mendelssohn-, Beethoven- oder Britten-Enspielungen einem kleineren, wagemutigeren Labels anvertraute. more...